Why Blog? Why Books? Why Now?

The answer is simple. Demand.

Ha ha ha.. just kidding.

Some of my friends who read a few facebook posts about books I enjoyed, books I hated and books I was indifferent about thought a blog about my thoughts would be helpful and they would read it.

Poor fools!

The personal reason for starting a blog about books is that I love reading. I enjoy blogging and if it helps someone make a decision about what to read next that’s fantastic. I’m humbled to think my opinions could influence readers.

My favourite genre to read is fiction, specifically, thrillers, however, I’m open to new and different things. I also enjoy biographies and self help occasionally. I’ve even been known to enjoy the odd romance (don’t ask, it was after a break up).

I like to write about books I’ve enjoyed reading and books I haven’t enjoyed reading. Its important to know that these are just my opinions and while reading my blog or the books in question, you might disagree. I’m ok with that. We all look for different things in  a story and some of us enjoy characters and specific events, while others do not. I welcome other opinions.  I also welcome any reading recommendations. I can not promise I’ll love your suggestion but I’m open to adding it to my reading list.

With all that said and done. Welcome…

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