Reading Challenge – Progress? HELP

I’m currently completing a reading challenge on Goodreads  – how many books I am going to read in 2018.

Now I like commitment, I’m committed to my job, friends, my dog, but this reading challenge…I’m sorry to say but I have not been committed. I may have overestimated how many books I would read in a 12 month period. Just a little.

I have to go easy myself, because it is the first reading challenge I’ve attempted in a looooong time. Those of you in my age group and from Australia will remember the primary school reading challenge for charity – the MS Readathon (raising money for multiple sclerosis). So, it has been quite a long time since I attempted such a task. Back in the day, I did quite well at the MS Readathon and I was always an avid reader. Especially in primary school, when just turning up to school and the MS Readathon were my biggest and only obligations. Back when life was easy. So perhaps…I was a little eager and excited to complete this challenge.

I’m also quite a slow reader, so we do need to give consideration to that.

I committed to reading 50 books in 2018.

I know what you are thinking.. that is a lot, especially for someone who has not completed any sort of reading challenge since early school years and who is a self confessed slow reader.

I am a little embarrassed to disclose my progress to date. I’m hoping we are all friends here and there will be limited judgement. 

So out of the 50 books…I have read…

Wait for it…

wait for it…



Yep. I have read 12 books for the whole of 2018. Sad but true.

I admit it. This is a poor effort for someone who has a reading blog. I want you to know that I am willing to change. Despite my renewed motivation to read more, I have to face facts that I am not going to complete 50 books by the end of the year. In fact, Goodreads reminds me every time I log in that I am 28 books behind schedule.

So I need advice from other bloggers, book nerds and avid readers as to how to integrate reading back into my life. Any tips and hints are appreciated.

I already have several ideas.

  1. Cut down TV time for book time
  2. Choose good books ( this requires lot of research on my part, but I figure the more I enjoy the book, the more likely I am going to be able to complete it and possibly the faster I will read)
  3. My new blog will give me a sense of renew enthusiasm for reading
  4. I’m committed to reading on the train every day to and from work

Ok, that’s it.

That’s all I have for now. Pleeeeeeasee let me know if you have completed a reading challenge before and any strategies or advice you have for me. I may not end on 50 books in 2018, but I would like to increase that number a little by the end of the year. I will update you on my progress of course.

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  1. I have finished my reading challenge on Goodreads… I just kept on reading without really seeing how many books I have read… It was my second reading challenge on Goodreads. Keep reading

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