Sleeplessness makes for more reading (and blogging) time

Coming to you live from my bed where I should be sleeping…

I’ve had a few sleepless nights recently, which is unlike me. Usually I just lay down at 9:30pm and I’m off to sleep before I know it. I’ve had a few things on my mind of late.

The great thing about this is that I have more time for reading and blogging and I’m utilising this time for both. The You Tube meditation vids were just not cutting it for me.

I wanted to give you a general update, so you don’t feel neglected and to let you know where I’m at because I fear I may have given you a couple of false promises (sorry in advance).

The January wellbeing thing:

I know I promised you a wellbeing theme in January, with some reviews of self-improvement books and recipe books. I have not forgotten about this, it is still coming – just probably not in January…I have a few things in the works and up my sleeve for future blog posts. But yeah, you keep that January spirit alive until I get to it, ok? We actually need to look after ourselves all year round not just in Jan.

Authors reaching out to me:

I’ve had some authors reach out to me directly to review their books. I think this is incredibly flattering and I’m very grateful that authors would trust me to read and give an honest review for them. Plus I love reading – so we all get something out of it right?

I’ve been a little slack at getting back to some people, but I really will try to. If the genre/storyline of the book doesn’t appeal to me I’m going to be honest and tell the author it’s not my cup of tea. I don’t review just anything, I need to have some interest in the topic or story to be invested in reading and reviewing the book.

Thank you to the authors who have reached out and sought my review and trusted me in that process. I have a great one coming up…well…tonight!

Regularity of posts:

No one has specifically complained to me about this, but I am aware I may not be posting as frequently. Believe me I would like to post more often. I’m just a handicapped reader. Ha ha ha. I am a slow reader and I really like to immerse myself in a book and process it. I like to take notes whilst I’m reading and highlight important sections where I love the language and/or feeling evoked and might want to use it as a quote in my blog. I like to note down my first impressions of the book, details about the characters, the overall feeling I have whilst reading and if that changes and notes about the author too. I do a bit of research about the book and the author. This level of perfection takes time and probably slows my reading down a little more. I don’t mind because I love it, but it does mean the reviews take a little longer to be posted.

I actually wrote this last night and fell asleep! Sooooo, blogging also appears to cure my intermittent insomnia. There is much more to come. Stay Tuned.

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