Hi There,

I’m Beck.

I’m not completely new to the world of blogging, but I am new to blogging about books and reading. I’ve been reading a lot lately and my friends and family seemed to be very interested in my reviews and recommendations. So I decided to put my thoughts down and share them. I’m hoping through this process I learnt a lot from others, recommendations/ideas also.

The blog will include general posts about reading and books, as well as book reviews and recommendations. All of the opinions about books are my own and they won’t only be positive. They will be varied. I acknowledge this might be difficult for some authors, however, it is purely my own thoughts and I have read many a NY Times Best Seller, only to be disappointed, let me tell you. It is personal choice in authors, writing styles and genres.

I’m open to hearing others point of view also. Isn’t that the point of this? ;o)